Classes are temporarily suspended due to inclement weather.  Facilities are closed today.
Classes will resume when weather permits.
Stay safe and get a workout at home.
See you on the mats.

RABJJ will be closed tonight due to weather conditions.
Classes resume thursday noon.

Happy New Year!

Another year of amazing experiences has gone by and we hope that your Holidays have been extremely fun and fulfilling!

Now this is the time when we ring out the old year and welcome 2010 with open arms, with eyes filled with new dreams and hearts replete with new expectations.
The RABJJ Academy has planned spectacular things for all of you, and we hope that while you were prioritizing your goals for the upcoming year, you acommodated Jiu Jitsu somewhere at the top of your list!
The Academy will re-open on Saturday, January 2nd with a wonderful buffett and of course, great Jiu Jitsu! Please join us for breakfast this Saturday and let’s one more time celebrate the great times we’ve had in 2009 and discuss what’s ahead for 2010.
Doord will be open at 9:00 AM and we can’t wait to see all of you on the mats!
Happy 2010, everyone!


RABJJ Black Belt Ceremony 2009.

What a day… spectacular, as always, in every single way! The energy level was unbelievable today at RABJJ Academy, as many of our Headquarters and Associated school’s students got promoted.

Mestre Renzo Gracie once again honored our Academy with his support, and together with  Prof. Almeida and their many Black Belts, we all had the pleasure of watching many of our teammates take the next step towards becoming Black Belts.
We’d like to congratulate the following students who got their belts from their respective instructors:
From Brunswick BJJ – RABJJ Brown Belt Haz Ibrahim
Mike Roche – Blue Belt
Mike Sicienski – Bue Belt

From Iron Hill BJJ (Delaware) – RABJJ Black Belts Mike Boyle and John Houben

Allen Krakowiak – Blue Belt
John Pullella – Blue Belt
Rob Schneider – Blue Belt
Nick Perez – Blue Belt
Ed Montiel – Blue Belt
From Ocean County BJJ – RABJJ Black Belt Tom DeBlass
Kyle Cranmer – Purple Belt
From South Jersey BJJ – RABJJ Black Belt Steven Bongiorno
Kerri Nitzschke – Blue Belt
John Washington – Blue Belt
Chris Pike – Blue Belt
Nate Dolk – Blue Belt
From SPA City BJJ – RABJJ Black Belt Chad Beatty
Eddie Fyvie – Black Belt
From RABJJ Headquarters – Renzo Gracie Black Belt Ricardo Almeida
Gene Klimov – Blue Belt
Shawn Teed – Blue Belt
Julien Dubuis – Blue Belt
Brian Raike – Blue Belt
Pete McHugh – Purple Belt
Sean Riehl – Brown Belt
Phil Kelly – Black Belt
If you were there today you know that the atmosphere was incredible, and if you missed it, there will be next year to look forward to.
Thank you very much to all of you who came to show support to your teammates and keep in mind that your belt promotion is right around the corner, just keep on training hard and the reward (and responsability) will be there in no time!
Thank you Mestre Renzo Gracie for once again inspiring every single one of us with your presence!
Enjoy a few pictures from RABJJ Black Belt Ceremony 2009!


A note from Prof. Ricardo Almeida:
“Today we awarded two more Black Belts at the RABJJ academy.
Multiple students were also recognized by their progress and took another step toward their elusive yet rewarding goal of becoming a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.
The concept of Black Belt has been highly commercialized world wide and each individual school has their own standards. But as a whole I feel that in Jiu Jitsu the level only keeps getting higher.
I have awarded Black Belts to UFC fighters, BJJ world Champions and  world class instructors. I am equally proud of each one of them individually for their achievements, being it a gold medal at the Mundials or some of my Black Belt students who have decided to run their own schools.
Today however I was proud of them as a team. We had students, from Delaware, South Jersey, Jersey Shore, New Brunswick, Saratoga Springs and our own Hamilton. Our family of RABJJ Black Belts has been able to extended the influence of our art and now we are able to positively affect thousands of people between our many individual locations. Their love and commitment to BJJ is inspiring.
Also present was Master Renzo Gracie who without his knowledge and guidance I am sure none of this would be remotely possible.
Finally, congratulations to today’s graduates, from Blue to Black Belt and big thank you to all the students who came to the academy to prestige them.
See you in class.”
Ricardo Almeida.

NAGA Kids Results.

We’d love to share with you guys something that simply made our week.

This past weekend 5 of our little warriors from Coach Pete’s class made their way to NAGA – North American Grappling Association, and decided they’d represent the RABJJ Academy for the very first time.
Basically 5 of our boys decided to compete at the highest level in the whole country (again, for the first time), and we couldn’t be more proud of the results they achieved: 4 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals!
How rewarding! How amazing that despite all of the pressure that comes along with uncertainty, they performed extremely well focusing on the job they had to do as opposed to giving in to the first-time competitor’s mental obstacles, which can be plenty.
So, in the name of the RABJJ Academy, its instructors and teammates, big congratulations to:
Shane Brackup – 1st Place Gi
Shane Brackup – 1st Place No Gi
Tyrone Benavides – 1st Place Gi
Jacob Calderon – 1st Place Gi
Lukas Almeida – 2nd Place Gi
David Nicolas – 2nd Place Gi
How awesome that every single one of you brought home a medal and most importantly, had an amazing time!
Let’s do it again boys, we have great tournaments lined up ahead and you don’t want to miss out. Just look for Coach Pete and he’ll fill you in.
Now last but not least, congratulations Coach Pete for the terrific job you’ve been doing with all of RABJJ kids. Their performance this weekend directly illustrates all of your efforts and commitment towards our Youth Program.
Also thank you Prof. Dante Rivera who took the time to coach all of our kids to victory this past weekend. Your help was instrumental and kids as well as parents were very grateful for the support.
Enjoy some podium shots!
Shane Brackup Gi.
Shane Brackup No Gi

Lukas Almeida Gi
More pictures and videos will follow, stay tuned.

RABJJ Open on Veteran’s Day.
Happy Veteran’s Day, everyone! Many students have been asking if we will be open on Veteran’s Day, and the answer is yes!
For future reference you can check out our Holiday Schedule right here on to make sure the school is open on the many upcoming holidays.
Training has been going stronger than ever, and here are some pictures from a couple of last night’s classes (Tuesday) at RABJJ Academy.
We’ll see you on the mats!


Brooklyn BJJ Seminar.

We would like to thank our dear long time friends Professors Gene Dunn and Brian Glick for the invitation to be a part of Brooklyn BJJ’s training camp this past weekend.

Prof. Almeida demonstrated some awesome Jiu Jitsu techniques during a 3-hour seminar and the whole camp was a huge success. Brooklyn BJJ students couldn’t look better on those mats, and made the whole experience absolutely fantastic!

Here are some pictures from the seminar, thank you so much to all who attended and we look forward to the next opportunity to spend more time on the mats with all of you.


Congratulations Bongiorno Family!

We are thrilled to announce that our Dear Prof. Steve Bongiorno and his lovely wife Danielle just welcomed the newest addition to their family: Danny Steven Bongiorno was born weighting 8 lbs and 3 oz, and he couldn’t be healthier!
That’s child number 4 for the Bongiornos. We are super happy for you guys and on the behalf of our entire RABJJ family we wish you and the new baby all of the happiness and health one could have!
Picture will follow soon, stay tuned!
Welcome Valentina Almeida!
Congratulations to Prof. Almeida’s brother Flavio and his wife Viviane on the fantastic addition to the Almeida family: Valentina Almeida was born super healthy and weighting 8 lbs and 2 oz, and already has daddy wrapped around her little finger.
Valentina is Ricardo’s first niece, and she couldn’t be cuter!
Congrats again Flavio and Vivi!

Prof. Almeida is on Twitter.

Now the opportunity is yours to follow Prof. Almeida and all of us at RABJJ on twitter. Stay posted on updates, events, pictures and much more!

Follow us now: Click 

Renzo Gracie Invitational 2009 Results:
Marist High School just held one of the biggest grappling tournaments in NJ this year and the place was packed!
Renzo Gracie’s Invitational was a huge success, so congratulations to all of RGA organizers who worked so hard to make sure the tournament ran so smoothly, and in our opinion, it was flawless!
It was great to see our students have the most amazing time while being a part of a  super structured and friendly experience! Head instructors and students alike from JBM BJJ, Ocean County BJJ, South Jersey BJJ and Brunswick BJJ were there fortifying the RABJJ army (their individual school results will be posted as soon as we get them, unfortunately they don’t allow us to combine our points).
Final results were:
1st Place – Renzo Gracie NYC Academy – 72 points
2nd Place – Renzo Gracie Ottawa – 60 points
3rd Place – RABJJ Headquarters – 57 points
Congratulations to all who competed, specially:
Brian Raike – 1st Place
Ryan Oehmsen – 1st Place
Bobby Johnson – 1st Place
Chris Matakas – 1st Place
Michael Moore – 1st Place
Pete McHugh – 2nd Place
Donal Ramos – 2nd Place
Max Bohanan – 2nd Place
Norman Castro – 2nd Place
Nick Liaskos – 3rd Place
Bob Williams – 3rd Place
So many Renzo Gracie affilliated schools were a part of the tourney, and to have our school do so well was a real treat for Prof. Almeida, who (despite wearing a knee brace after tearing up his MCL and Meniscus) was there coaching as many of his warriors as he could.
On a very special note,  Prof. Brian McPherson (who’s also Captain, Deputy Troop Commander of the New Jersey Turnpike) presented Master Renzo with a Certificate of Appreciation from
New Jersey State Police Superintendant, Colonel Rick Fuentes for assisting with
the NJSP Jiu-Jitsu For Law Enforcement Course. Professors Ricardo Almeida,
Sergio Ignacio and Luca Atalla
assisted with the training and were awarded certificates as well.
Prof. McPherson read the plaque out loud to the crowd, and it was one of those truly nice moments. Congratulations Prof. Almeida and thank you so much Captain McPherson.
Here are some of the pictures we took just for you guys, enjoy!
Renzo, Lukas, Ricardo. 
 Awarding ceremony
 Luca Atalla, Renzo Gracie, Brian McPherson, Ricardo Almeida, Sergio Ignacio
 RGA event organizers and BBs
Some of the  RABJJ Headquarters crew
 Ou dear Lukas Almeida and his beautiful family
 Brunswick BJJ
 Serra Jiu Jitsu in the house! 
 Renzo Gracie Black Belts
 We look forward t the next Invitational, and of course would love to see you out there, sweating it out on those mats as well.
Thank you Mestre Renzo and all of your students! It was a blast!
RABJJ’s First Annual Gala.

You’re cordially invited to attend our First Annual Gala.

Let’s celebrate the great times we had in 2009 and wish for an even better 2010 together.

RABJJ has started another wonderful annual tradition in which you’ll have a chance to not only interact with all of our associated school head instructors but also their students. Prof. Almeida will be surprising  a few students for their outstanding performances throughout the year with beautiful awards, and you could be one of them.

Professor Almeida invites each and every one of you to celebrate with his family and friends a very special night for all of  RABJJ Academy’s students. Please feel free to bring along your own friends and family, as we’d love to meet all of them.

Many special guests have confirmed their attendance, and just to name a few:

Thomas Clifford

Gene Dunn

Matt Serra

Rolles Gracie

Igor Gracie

Gregor Gracie

Luca Atalla

We are also honored to announce that legendary

Master Renzo Gracie

will be present with his family as well.

It doesn’t stop there: our very special attraction of the night will be one of the best bands in NJ, and we’re so happy to announce that BIGGER THOMAS will be entertaining us for the night. Many of you know that Professor John Dibianco is BT’s drummer, so they’ll be performing their greatest hits and promise to get everyone off their seats!

This is a wonderful time of year to get your tuxedos and have your ladies get their gowns out of the closet. It’s going to be wonderful.
You definitely can’t stay out of this one! Make sure you look for someone in the office as soon as possible, as we have a very limited amount of seats available. You can ask for the details when you come get your invitations.

We can’t wait to see all of you there. We picked out a spectacular venue for the event!


The Hamilton Manor
30 Route 156
Hamilton NJ


Date: Saturday, December 19th 2009
Time: 7:00PM to 11:00PM
Cocktail hour followed by a five-course-dinner.
Attire: Black Tie

Save the date!

Black Belt Ceremony 2009!

The date has finally been picked, and RABJJ’s Annual Black Belt Ceremony is scheduled to
Saturday, November 28th of 2009 at RABJJ Academy Headquarters in Hamilton, NJ.

This year Prof. Almeida will be promoting to Black Belt our very dear Phil Kelly and from Spa City BJJ, Prof. Chad Beatty will be awarding his longtime student and 2009 Pan Am Champion Eddie Fyvie!

We can’t wait for them to untie their Brown Belts and put on their well deserved Black Belts!

Don’t forget guys, friends and family are welcome to watch the BB Ceremony, so let’s support our dear team mates like we are acostumed to and represent full force!

More details to come, stay tuned.

Attention all RABJJ Competitiors: Renzo Gracie Invitational this Weekend!
If you have been around for the past couple of years, you most definitely remember how amazing the last Renzo Gracie Invitational was, with RABJJ placing 2nd amongst all Renzo Gracie associated schools (1st Place was Renzo Gracie Academy NYC).
That couldn’t have been accomplished without your participation, and this year we’d like to invite all of you to participate again.
The Invitational was created so all Renzo Gracie Associated Academies could interact and compete against each other in the most friendly environment possible. This is also a great opportunity for beginners to get out there and experience competition for the first time, as we couldn’t think of a safer tournament for them to be in.
It’s that time of the year again, guys… let’s represent RABJJ Academy like we always do, proud to be a part of legendary Renzo Gracie’s legacy and just have a great time!
Please fill out your forms in our office by Wednesday night the latest.
We are counting on you! Good luck and we’ll DEFINITELY see you there!
Enjoy some pictures from the last Invitational. 

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